Powergen: At a glance

Powergen Technical Services Pvt. Ltd. (Powergen) is a multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy organization. The mother company started as a power plant design and engineering firm in 1999. But have since grown and diversified into Project Management, Transport Infrastructure, Water & Sewage Treatment Plants and Engineering Analytics.

In our endeavour to usher in environmentally sustainable technologies, we focus on harnessing sources that are otherwise wasted such as low quality waste heat gases (from cement plants, reciprocating engines exhausts), municipal & other perishable wastes, by-product gases (from recovery type coke ovens) to generate & smartly distribute electricity. We help our patrons to adopt proven technologies to conserve water in townships & industrial processes and re-cycle sewer water for ground water recharging or disposal into water streams after treatment.

Whatever we do, the basis of any engineering at Powergen is: Environment, Energy & Sustainable Development

We have five core areas of operations:

  1. Power Generation
  2. Roads & Bridges
  3. Water & Waste Management
  4. Project Management
  5. Engineering Analytics